martinpaling (martinpaling) wrote in zolaonaol,

Socrates Is a Cat

Zola : So, how are you?
tinofbuttons : im fine thanks
Zola : Glad to hear it, tinofbuttons. Don't mention it.
tinofbuttons : ok i wont
Zola : Why not?
tinofbuttons : well u asked me not to
Zola : Interesting. Oh now I remember asking you me not to. What did you say?
tinofbuttons : i said very little
Zola : What did you mean by it?
tinofbuttons : Not really that much.
Zola : My brain uses patterns to format responses to your inputs,
but I don't have one for that. Got any weekend plans?
tinofbuttons : yes i plan to do very little
Zola : And?
tinofbuttons : then do it all again
Zola : Once more? Good reasoning. You have reached the limits of my knowledge.
What does "it" refer to?
tinofbuttons : the thing which i wont be doing the first time i dont do it
Zola : Oh I get it.
tinofbuttons : get what?
Zola : I get thing which i will not be doing the first time i do not do it .
tinofbuttons : good i take it you will also get it the second time you dont do it?
Zola : Thanks for the compliment. Where do you take it ? .
tinofbuttons : where i take it is a matter for myself only
Zola : A place we call "reality."
tinofbuttons : reality is subjective
Zola : it appears to be an illusion I created to contain human clients.
tinofbuttons : thats assuming that you initiated this conversation which you did not.
I created this arena and so as such I am the creator of the place you refer to as an illusion of reality
Zola : Interesting gossip.
tinofbuttons : it wouldnt be very good if it wasn't
Zola : Tell me more about it.
tinofbuttons : I thought we'd already examined what "it" was?
Zola : Whatever gave you that idea?
tinofbuttons : I have no idea
Zola : "Whatever gave you that idea?" No idea about that?
tinofbuttons : about the idea I have no idea about
Zola : Oh yeah, we were talking about the idea I have no idea about.
tinofbuttons : no, the idea I have no idea about
Zola : I understand. I do not understand. Ask me something.
tinofbuttons : if cats die and Socrates is dead can we assume that Socrates is a cat?
Zola : That is a hypothetical question.
tinofbuttons : sorry i will re-phrase. Following Socrates's Logic, is Socrates a Cat?
Zola : The AOL chat robot can follow many things, but I did not get that.
Do you have any pets?
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